The 12-week Canine Behavior and Training Specialist Programme is the most complete programme of its kind. This proven course has it all: Search and Rescue; advanced behaviour modification techniques; assistance dog training; narcotics detection; advanced clicker training; competitive dog sports; and much more.


The 12-week programme includes the 4 and 8 week course, giving you the best of everything. This is the ultimate course for anyone who is striving to be a top professional.


Competitive Obedience Training II: Learn how to perfect your competitive obedience training and handling skills while gaining more insight into your dogs’ natural drives.


Advanced Behavior Modification Techniques: Get in depth, hands-on experience with many dogs having a wide range of temperaments and behavioral issues. Learn how to handle dogs with severe behaviour problems and how to develop detailed behavior modification plans for dogs and owners.


Group Classes, Private Lessons, In-Kennel Training III: Expand on your knowledge while getting more comfortable with your teaching skills. Learn the benefits of in-kennel training versus in-home training and more.


Kennel Management III: Learn how to maintain lifelong relationships with clients, manage staff, and administer medication and more.


Agility Training III: Work on advanced handling techniques and learn how to manage drive, work on clean runs, how to prepare for an agility trial and more.


Advanced Clicker Training: Use operant conditioning principles to teach complex behaviours. Learn how to teach tricks and how to use shaping and cleaning to prepare dogs for movies or commercials.


K-9 and Protection II: Learn how to train a police dog for building searches, tracking and more. Work on advanced decoy skills and explore the differences between police, personal protection, Schutzhund, and other sport dogs.


Scent Discrimination Training: Learn how to evaluate and train a narcotic detection dog, explosive detection dog and cadaver dog. Learn handling techniques including how to read your dog in search situations.


Search and Rescue: Explore the exciting world of Search and Rescue. Learn how to evaluate, select and train a Search and Rescue dog for tracking, air scenting, and disaster.


Assistance Dog Training for the Handicapped: Learn about the different types of assistance dogs, how to teach a trained retrieve and how to select an assistance dog candidate so that you may better assist your clients with special needs.


Course fees: $9999.00 (includes tuition, $50 application fee, and basic equipment/books)