Common Problems & Solution Booklet For Dogs

Common Problems & Solution Booklet For Dogs


In his training class, Lance solves all those “bad dog” problems that drive owners crazy, and show you how to raise a puppy into a happy, perfectly well behaved dog. He shares in this booklet the knowledge and skills he gained from his years as a trainer to dog owners: effectively changing unwanted behaviour and preventing bad habits with methods that are fun, that work, and making dogs more loyal to its owner.

Five Most Common Dog Problems
– Aggression towards other dogs, teaching the difference between fear aggression and dominant aggression.
– Barking at a specific stimulus, such as the doorbell or the mail carrier.
– Barking while the owner is away, including techniques for handling separation anxiety.
– Overexcited or hyperactive behavior, such as jumping up
– Problems on the walk, including pulling on the leash, lunging at other dogs, and walking more than one dog at a time.

Please call 1800 474 4564 to purchase a copy for $9.90. Operators are standing by.

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