Correct Leash Use

Instructions For Using The Leash Correctly

Without the right tools, training a dog or leading a trained dog through his or her paces can be almost impossible. The leash you choose can influence the amount of control you have, how you communicate with your dog and safety.

  1. Make sure your dog’s training collar is on properly and that the leash is attached correctly. Your dog will be at your left side.Hang the leash loop on the thumb of your right hand as shown in Figure 1 below


  2. Figure 2 (directly above) Loop the leash up under your thumb and then back over the top of your thumb as shown.
  3. Close your right hand over the loop and leash. Use your left hand to hold the leash just below the right hand as shown in Figure 3 below. Don’t be timid. Get a firm grip! Of course, the length of the loop will somewhat depend on the size of your dog. The taller the dog, the longer the loop. You should have a little slack in the leash when your dog is in the “SIT” position, but not too much. Appropriate leash techniques are easy to see in your Basic Training Video.

By using the leash in this manner, you have much more control. You are able to better execute the CORRECTIVE JERK and it is much easier to communicate with your dog and therefore train him or her.


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