The 8-week Canine Training Specialist Programme is our most popular programme. This well-balanced programme builds upon the knowledge gained in the 4-week course allowing students to expand their knowledge while perfecting training techniques.


In addition to what you’ve learnt in the 4-week course, the Canine Training Specialist Programme offers students a broader and more in depth curriculum in many areas including: advanced off leash pet obedience; competitive obedience; behaviour modification techniques; advanced agility; tracking; police K-9 training; protection training; dog health care pertaining to the canine athlete; advanced business techniques and more. This programme gives graduates an upper hand in the professional training community and will prepare you for success.


Advanced Pet Obedience II: Enhance your off leash control at a distance and begin to work on hand signals.


Competitive Obedience I: Learn how to get the attention you desire for impressive heeling, fronts, and more. Attention to the handler is where it all begins in the field where the best of the best show off their skills.


Group Classes, Private Lessons, In-Kennel Training II: Expand on the skills learnt in the 4-week course by gaining invaluable experience by calling group classes, conducting private lessons, and by working with several in-kennel training dogs of different types and temperaments.


Puppy Selection and Imprinting: Learn how to choose a puppy for yourself, or how to pick that “once in a life time” companion for your client. Learn how to interpret puppy evaluations, how to select puppies for various canine disciplines and how to imprint puppies for competitive dog sports or service work.


Behavior Modification Techniques: Explore the causes and treatments of challenging behaviour problems. Learn about the different types of medications available and how to recognise the differences between various problems as well as how to manage or reverse them. Practice the proper approach to conducting a behaviour consultation, and more.


Agility Training II: Take in depth look at this exciting sport. Focus on sequence training, obstacle discrimination, course design, advanced handling techniques, and more.


K-9 and Protection I: This exciting and exhilarating course brings everything you’ve learned about the science behind how dogs learn out into the real world. Learn evaluation techniques, steps in training detector dogs, basic decoy skills, tracking and more.


Dog Health Care: Learn basic first aid and how to assure the safety and performance of canine athletes and service dogs with proper conditioning and nutrition.


Kennel Management II: Learn dependable ways to maintain boarding dogs and more.


Business Techniques II: Learn advanced business techniques to help you prepare for success. Prepare a business plan, learn marketing techniques and more.


Course Fees: $7999.00 (includes tuition, $50 application fee, and basic equipment/books)