Q: Can I make a living as a Professional dog trainer?

Yes! A career in dog training can be fun and rewarding. Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers will show you how to maximise your potential in the dog training market. Whether you are doing in-home lessons, training in your local park, or building you own training facility you will have the knowledge and ability to help you succeed.

Q: What training methods are taught at the Academy?

Because we are an Academy, you will learn a variety of safe, effective, and humane methods to train a wide variety of dogs. Different dogs require different training methods. We will teach you the proper way to be successful with multiple techniques and methods. You will learn how to correctly and safely use many different types of training equipment from a clicker to the Remote Collar.

Q: Will I be able to instruct people as well as dogs following the completion of this course?

Yes. We feel that you must be able to instruct people as well as dogs. It is important that you can articulate your training methods to your prospective clients so they may maximise what they have learned. You will learn how to instruct private lessons, group classes, in home lessons as well as In-Kennel training while attending the Academy.

Q: What is a typical day at the Academy?

You will have a combination of classroom lectures, hands on training, and lab work throughout the day.

Q: When will the Academy be in session?

The Academy will conduct scheduled classes Monday thru Sunday. In the evenings, we have a variety of group lessons and activities available for your observation.

Q: Are there career opportunities after I graduate? How will I find out about them?

We offer counseling and a placement assistance service for our graduates. We will post job openings on our career placement assistance board and web site.

Q: Can I bring my dog to school with me?

You may bring one personal dog if you are taking the 4-week programme or you may bring up to two dogs with you if you are attending either the 8- or 12-week programme. If your dog has had previous training, it must stay with you, or you may have your dog stay in a kennel. The Academy works to provide dogs from local rescue groups for students to train if they need a dog.

Q: What dog training supplies will I need while attending the Academy?

We encourage you to bring whatever supplies you may already have. Required books and basic equipment are included in the cost of the programme. We also have a complete pro shop stocked with any additional training equipment and supplies that you may want offered to students at a discounted rate. Our instructors will guide you in the selection of proper training equipment for your courses.

Q: Who will be my instructors while attending the Academy?

The instructors at the Academy have been involved with dogs most of their lives and professionally for many years. In addition to having vast dog training experience with thousands of dogs, they are also successful as international dog sport competitors. Because of their many achievements as professional instructors/trainers, they are recognised by top pet food companies as sponsored influentials, representing them in numerous events each year. As the largest dog training campus in the region, only the best professionals are selected to instruct our students. We invite you to call or visit them, and see the difference they will make in your dog-training career. Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers’ instructors are simply the best!

Q: What makes Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers better than schools?

The Academy offers the most comprehensive hands-on program in the country. No other school will better prepare you for a career in professional dog training than Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers. There is simply no other school that compares to us in the region. Come and see the difference.

Q: I want to learn it all. Do I have to take the 4-week course, then come back for the full 8-week course, and then the 12-weeks?

No. The 8-week Program includes the 4-week course and the 12-week programme includes the 4 and 8-week courses.

Q: What is the graduation rate?

The graduation rate is approximately 80%. Attendance does not guarantee graduation. Success at the Academy depends on your commitment to study and hard work. Your grade will be based upon several written exams as well as practical exams of the training you’ve done
with your dogs. A 2.0 minimum grade point average is required to earn a diploma. We have “supervised study” available every weekday for students to work one-on-one with an instructor on any problems you may be experiencing with our dog. The Academy is dedicated to your success; however spending time outside of classroom hours training your dog and reviewing lecture materials is crucial ingredient to your success.

Q: I don’t have a dog. Do I need to go out and get one?

No. The Academy works with several rescue groups who have homeless dogs that are available for adoption. Students are assigned to work with rescue dogs, which are in need of training and thus increase the likelihood that they will be adopted into long-term, caring homes.
During the course you will learn how to evaluate and select dogs that can best meet the criteria needed to excel in different types of work. Through your experience you will discover what characteristics you want most in a dog. In addition, some students end up adopting the rescue dog that they have trained.