Do you offer group classes?

No, unfortunately due to the high demand, we now specialise in private sessions. Most dogs benefit (and their owners) and do better in private lessons. Most dogs, especially shy dogs, may be overwhelmed in a group class setting. Dogs that are extremely energetic or too easily distracted often do not do well in group classes. Dogs with aggressive behavior problems are usually inappropriate for group class situations.

Private lessons also offer the following advantages :

  • A curriculum that is customised to your needs
  • Sessions scheduled around times that work with your schedule
  • Content can be covered more quickly, allowing for fewer sessions
  • One on one attention can facilitate learning for both the dog and the owner

Is my dog's behaviour problem solvable?

In most cases, the answer to this question is yes. Even in situations involving severe behavior problems, the dog's behaviour can typically be substantially improved. The majority of our clients report noticing an improvement immediately after beginning behavior modification and training. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to animal behavior. Whether you will succeed in training your dog or modifying your dog's behaviour depends on many factors such as: your ability to follow-through with implementing the recommended behavior modification and training, the nature of your individual dog's behaviour problem and whether there are any complicating environmental or health factors. Every dog, its family and situation is different!

Before we take on a new client we always conduct a brief telephone interview to learn more about the dog's behaviour and client's needs/expectations and to determine if we are a good match for the client's needs. There is no charge for the telephone interview.

Why should I train my dog?

All dogs should receive some type of training. Training decreases the likelihood of your dog developing behaviour problems and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

What training method does K9 Shiloh Dawg Skool use?

At the Shiloh Dawg Skool, we use a wide variety of techniques suited to each individual dog’s needs and owner’s preferences. There are many breeds of dogs and many different temperaments. We treat each dog as an individual and recommend programs that best fit each dog and owner’s needs.

How long is each home session and how soon can I start?

The first home visit is about 1.5 hours long and the rest are 60 minutes. We make sure to select a time that works for YOU. You may set-up your home lessons in the evenings, during the day and even on weekends.

How old does my dog have to be in order to join in your course?

It does not matter how old your dog is. As long as your dog is current and has finished its course of vaccination, you may start our group class. We encourage you to start training your dog as young as possible. For our inhome program you can start anytime even without finishing your vaccinations as we will be visiting your home.

How far in advanced should I let you know before I enroll my dog with your program?

We are always booked up for at least one or two weeks. The more you wait, the worse your dog will become and the more headaches. We are not trying to be pushy but unless we get a cancellation, we get booked fast so call us a.s.a.p. to reserve a spot that works for you and your family members/roommate.

How long will it take to train my dog?

This varies depending on what problems or goals you have for your dog. With some types of training, you can see results in a couple of days, while others may take several months. Consult a professional trainer or Shiloh Dawg Skool for your particular situation.

When should I begin training my dog?

Training should start the day you get your new puppy or dog. Remember training is just a way for us to better communicate with our dogs. Start early and reap the rewards!

Is my dog too old to be trained?

It is never to late to train your dog. Sometimes it may take a little longer, but the results can be the same no matter what age you start.

Can I just drop my dog and pick it up already trained?

No, we definitely don’t believe in board training and never recommend it. We train with you and your dog. This way your dog will learn to obey YOU and not us. Dogs who are board trained may come back with other problems such as:

  • Infected with different diseases (especially Kennel cough).
  • Some dogs may come out dog aggressive (due to dogs biting and fighting each other through fences and cages).
  • Some turn out to become hand shy and fearful, which takes really long time to cure.
  • Are all board training kennels this bad? Of course not. We just prepared you to watch out and choose a trainer carefully.

If you had a dog that became hand shy, that proves that someone has been scolding your dog in the kennel. Most importantly, board trainers don’t guarantee any results. Ask them and hear it for yourself. Basically they will make you sign a release of liability and you cannot say or do anything except regret it. Your dog is depending on you. You don't have to choose us. But your dog will most likely learn more if you work with a trainer/behaviorist one-on-one. Don’t gamble with your dog or your money. With 90% of board trainers, you won’t get any results. Remember you must pay for results. Not just for few weeks of boarding.

Do you guarantee results?

Yes and No. The only way you wouldn’t get any results is if you didn�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������t work with your dog. In our program, YOU are the trainer and we are the instructors. When you don’t put in the time, it is not our fault, not your dog’s fault but yours.

As far as solving aggressiveness in your dog, we work to bring it down to 80 or 90%. A trainer/behaviorist who promises to 100% cure dog aggression is simply after your money.

How soon will I be able to see any change in my dog?

If you follow instructions and honestly put in the time you will see immediate results. When you don’t practice with your dog, we will be able to tell.

Do you offer any home privates without the group classes?

Yes, we offer only private sessions. 6 lessons in your home will cost $980. We cater the training to your needs.

Do you accept/work with dogs that are deaf or blind?

Yes, in fact we are the only school to do so, however we only do it with in home training.

Do the private lessons have to be in my house? What if I want to meet with your trainer in a park setting?

Since it is much easier to get everyone in the household to be at home and the majority of bad habits start from home it is better to do it at your home. You may do your second, third or fourth one but the first one has to be in your home or at least your front or backyard.

How do I solve my dog’s behaviour problems?

Some behaviour problems can be tricky. Especially if you are not sure how they got started. It is best to consult a professional for advice. K9 Shiloh Dawg Skool also offers a behaviour modification program together with our basic obedience classes.

Have a question that is not listed here?

Please ask us by phone at 1800 474-4564 in Singapore or email. Kindly leave both day and evening phone numbers.