For :

Dogs of any age (older dogs welcome!) and puppies over 3 months of age.


Cost :

$1,500 for 6 weekly classes at your home. (Time is at your convenience)

All sessions are customised to suit your needs


As professional dog trainers, we use contemporary behaviour modification and training methods that emphasise positive reinforcement. We also educate owners on humane techniques to establish a leadership relationship with their pet. Our private dog obedience training services are available either your home or at our training centre.


Description :

Train your dog to respond reliably to commands including come when called, sit, down, off (“leave it”), stay and to walk on leash without pulling. As currently structured, the Beginner Obedience class is designed to give you an introduction to the basic obedience skills while building your dog’s level of attention on YOU. Attention training is the backbone of this training program. Weekly classes will involve discussion of case study behaviour problems and hands-on work with your dogs — teaching new skills and practicing skills introduced in previous weeks. The focus of the class time is to teach YOU how to teach your dog during the week.


If you think dog training is just about obeying commands like “Sit” and “Stay,” you’re missing the big picture. Training is about communication. You and your dog have to establish a way to communicate – to understand each other. And, because your dog isn’t going to learn your language, guess what, you have to learn “dogeese!” And that involves as much body language as it does for spoken language – for you and your dog. Proper training brings out the best in your dog and allows for real companionship. A well-behaved canine who understands you is one you can trust, one you can take anywhere, and becomes a true member of the family. Training can be a lifesaver for your dog, and a house and yard saver for you. At K9 Shiloh Dawg Skool, we include housebreaking and problem solving in our Basic On-Leash Home Training Program.


In this course, your dog will be introduced to traditional exercises and perform them around other dogs if needed. We will make sure you and your dog are developing a rewarding relationship, strengthening your bond through positive reinforcement training, mutual understanding and respect. It’s also designed to give your dog an opportunity to perform with the distractions of other people and dogs moving around in close proximity, to tolerate handling by strangers and other difficult distractions.


Exercises that will be taught are :

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Walk on leash
  • Off
  • Leave it
  • Stand (up)
  • Approach and greeting by stranger
  • Stand for exam by stranger


Advantages of Private Training :

  • Customised services address what you and your dog really need
  • Individualised attention
  • Lesson times that work with your schedule
  • Practice at your pace
  • Written recommendations provided for each client (ask for it)
  • Phone or email support available between sessions