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Apprentice Programme

Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers now offers a six-month Apprentice Programme. This programme is available to a select number of qualified graduates who will receive a very basic salary and the opportunity to work with and continue to learn from Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers’ staff of professional trainers.

This exclusive programme is the perfect way to gain real life experience as a professional dog trainer and to refine the tools learned in the Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers 12-week programme. The Apprentice Programme will give you the opportunity to perfect your training skills and gain invaluable experience working with actual training clients. As an apprentice, you will be an understudy to your assigned trainer and mentor. Your responsibilities will be that of a real trainer. This will be a great asset to graduates who plan to work for established training schools and for those who desired to start their own successful training business.

Apprentice selection is limited. All interested parties must notify the Academy Directors on Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers application and enrollment form. Applicants will go through an application and interview process with Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers upon completion of the Academy’s 12-week programme.


Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers Advantages

Education and Training

  • Every school claims they are the best. Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers proves it.
    Thoroughly compare to other schools and you will clearly see why we are “The Smart Choice in Canine Careers.”
  • Instructors: Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, Training Directors have been successful in every aspect of dog training: Companion Obedience; Competitive Obedience; Agility; Police K-9; Retriever Training; Search and Rescue, and Assistance Dogs. Directors have instructed others at all levels of dog training and competition using proven techniques. Directors are active trainers and competitors and can be seen training young prospects and seasoned champions daily. Learn what you need to succeed in the wonderful world of dogs.
  • The Academy’s Behaviour Experts will teach you how to identify, solve, and manage behaviour problems common to the pet industry. You will learn the science behind behaviour modification techniques as well as their practical applications.
  • The Academy will teach you important principles in how to succeed in business saving you time, and money.
  • Develop a business plan based on proven practices and principles. Learn Business Management, Business Structures, Public Relations, and Marketing. Our interest is in your total success. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you will need to be successful in your chosen career.
  • The Academy’s staff will provide you with the broadest spectrum of training and behaviour solutions of any school in the world. This approach to training and education translates to enhanced financial opportunity to our graduates.
  • The Academy is committed to your success after graduation. The Academy has job placement assistance programs available to help assist graduates find a career in the field of dog training. The Academy also offers: Continued Education Programs, Seminars and Workshops. Qualified applicants are eligible for The Products Dealer Programme, designed to maximise your financial opportunities.


Apprentice Programme

  • For the best of the best, Shiloh Academy for Professional Dog Trainers offers limited Apprentice positions for graduates of The Academy’s 12-week programme. Work side by side with our senior professional trainers at the most comprehensive training, behaviour, boarding, and event center. A once in a lifetime experience to better your skills as a pro!