Why they abandon me?



Some of the reasons given by dog owners for abandoning their pets, as recorded by us for many years are shocking to say the least. Other reasons you may find here. Very few give up their pets for genuine reasons. When you analyse the reasons, what strikes you is the utter selfishness of the human race that causes them to abandon a poor defenceless animal, which has looked up to them always for its needs and protection and whose companionship and love they have enjoyed for perhaps a long period of time.

Most people who come to abandon their dogs are those who have not “counted the cost”, so to speak, of owning a pet. Before bringing the dog home, they did not consider carefully the changes that they will need to make in their lifestyle, the expenses to be incurred and the time and attention they would need to give it. And when they see that they do not have the patience to cope, or are simply unwilling to make time, they find abandoning their dog the best way to get rid of the problem.

Moving to another city or country where circumstances may not be conducive to having a dog is another reason cited. Sometimes, people buy a dog for their children expecting the children to look after the dog and when they fail to, the parents abandon the dog. These people do not realise that they are responsible for their children’s behaviour and ultimately for the dog.

Still others take refuge in complaining that the dog barks or howls too much. Well, that happens because you have not trained the dog well or are not giving it enough attention. Another person abandons the dog because she is pregnant. Well, whose fault is that?!

There are some people who complain that the dog eats too much. That probably is because the dog is being fed too much! Then there are those who give up dogs because it chases cars. These are people who will not take the time to buy a leash, collar or fence up their yard. Some selfish people will give up their dog because they got new carpeting. Is that the dog’s fault? And who was there first, the dog or the carpet? These are some of the shallow reasons given by people who abandon their dogs. These are also the kind of people who will not even have the sensitivity of leaving the dog in an animal shelter where the dog can at least hope to be adopted by somebody who will genuinely love it. Their way of getting rid of their dog is by abandoning it on the road, or in a forest or tie it to somebody’s fence and drive off.

101 Reasons!!!

Divorce / Death / Birth / Relocating to new city / Moving to an apartment or condo / Renting / We have too many pets / They cost too much to keep / They’re old or sick / They’re not housebroken / We have unwanted puppies or kittens / They’re wild / destructive or unruly / They don’t listen or behave / No one takes care of the pets / We have no time for the dog, we’re too busy / The dog is too aggressive

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